Recent Successes

Contract Bonds

Description State Limit
HVAC Renovations & Repairs TX $3,265,631
Water Features at Residential Complex FL $1,475,583
Expand Audiology TX $1,397,700
Glass and Glazing CO $1,111,993
Concrete TX $1,016,579
Building Renovations VA $945,745
Water Features at Residential Complex FL $941,837
Building Renovations OH $898,789
Drilled Shaft Wall Slide Repair KY $886,933
Countywide Mowing & Shoulder Maintenance GA $854,622
Patrol Road FL $766,637
Edge & Sweep State Right of Ways FL $754,352
University Hall Renovations AL $681,800
Renovation of Fire Station CO $668,517
Installation of Instrumentation & Control Systems CO $574,721

Bid Bonds

Description State Limit
Demolition IN $1,750,000
Sanitary Sewer OH $1,330,000
Campground Project CO $1,300,000
Demolition IN $1,200,000
General Construction NJ $1,200,000
Recreation Complex SC $1,200,000
Landslip Repair OH $1,100,000
Police Department Crime Center AL $940,000
Culvert Replacement - ODOT OH $935,000
Athletic Fields Concessions Improvements AL $805,000
School HVAC Chiller & Tower Replacement AL $748,000
Sanitary Sewer OH $704,600
Concrete Repair Program CO $560,000
Waterline Improvement CO $550,000
Elementary School Security Upgrades VA $500,000
Street Resurfacing OH $415,000
Renovations to Physicians Building GA $400,000
Downtown Fa├žade Improvements VA $350,000

Commercial Surety

Description State Bond Limit
Maintenance Bond GA $195,000
Land Disturbance Permit Bond AL $140,000
Non-Construction Performance Bond GA $136,817

Court/Probate Bonds

Description State Limit
Administrator Bond NC $1,372,000
Receivers Bond CO $40,000


Description State Limit
ERISA Bond IL $600,000
ERISA Bond CO $200,000
Lost Note & Deed of Trust Bond CO $120,000