Commercial Surety Bonds

As one of America’s largest surety brokers, Allstar offers surety bonds for clients of all sizes in every state. This includes commercial surety solutions for associations and non-profits, as well as individuals. (Just about the only exception are contractors, whose surety needs are met by our Contract Surety bond team.)

Every license and permit bond challenge is accepted. Through our resources as the managing general underwriter for leading “A” rated/T-listed companies, we satisfy requests for hundreds if not thousands of commercial bonds – including court bonds, probate bonds and almost all other types of non-contract bonds. Our surety bonds also include auto dealer bonds, code compliance bonds, liquor license bonds, mortgage broker bonds and many others as required by local and state governments.

No matter what the type of commercial surety bond you need, you can rely on us for pricing that’s competitive to all … and prompt, professional and courteous service that is second to none. Contact us today to learn more about Commercial Surety Bonds.


Court Bonds

Court bonds, also known as judicial bonds or court surety bonds, are often required in court proceedings to ensure protection from a possible loss. Please note, a number of the court bonds listed are only written with 100% collateral.

Here are our most common court bonds:

  • Cost bonds guarantee the payment of costs associated with appealing a lower court’s decision.
  • Indemnity to sheriff bonds protect the sheriff or marshal from a suit being brought on by the party whose property is being seized.
  • Plaintiff’s bonds guarantee payment of damages suffered if an action is decided in favor of a defendant.
  • Attachment bonds are required before the court can seize a person’s property to secure a judgment. The attachment court bond guarantees that if the court decides against the plaintiff, the defendant will be paid any damages arising from the attachment. An attachment bond is a type of plaintiff bond.
  • Replevin bonds guarantee that seized property will remain in the same condition and will not be sold or otherwise disposed of. A replevin bond is a type of plaintiff bond.