1. Although this is certainly an unprecedented situation, our business classification has been deemed essential, allowing us to continue business as usual.

  2. Allstar is 100% open and ready for business! In accordance with social distancing, most of our teammates are working remotely to do our part with stopping the spread of Covid-19. However, we are 100% available to you.

  3. Allstar is happy to help our agents limit contact by issuing and sending bonds directly to your contractors during this time. Offering this service will eliminate all the concerns with socially distancing and lessen the burden of preparing, signing, sealing, and sending bonds out. Every automated step helps in the fight against Covid-19.

  4. As always, Allstar underwriters are available via phone to discuss and work through any unique situation that may be presented during these times. We have the flexibility to make exceptions as needed to help through these situations.

  5. Allstar has been your stable partner through tough times in the past and we will do our part to help our agents emerge stronger than ever in 2020 and beyond.

  6. Allstar can make you the hero with our quick response time, flexible terms, and the ability to meet your clients’ needs!


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